Bluebonnets in Texas

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Bluebonnets in Texas

girl standing in Bluebonnet fields near Texas

Spring is my most absolute favorite time of the year. And is there anything more magnificent than seeing bluebonnets in Texas? So, every year around springtime, my husband and I take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and have ourselves a Texas wildflower getaway. 


“Tip : For the best photos, I recommend visiting the fields early in the morning at sunrise or later at sunset. You’ll have beautiful soft, golden light”

Top 10 Best Places to See Bluebonnets

The Texas Hill Country and its neighboring cities and rural roadways are the best places to view wildflowers in the spring, in particular, the Texas state flower, Bluebonnet.  Bluebonnets in Texas starts to bloom in March till April. The peak season is usually in mid-April. To make your itinerary planning a little easier, I’ve put together the list of best spots to see bluebonnets in Texas.



Brenham is located in Central Texas halfway between Houston and Austin. The perfect weather, blooming flowers, and small town’s charm make Brenham absolutely irresistible around springtime. The Brenham website also runs an up-to-the-minute “Wildflower Watch” page for wildflower sightings. Be sure to check out the website before heading over to Brenham.

Best Spots to See Wildflowers in Brenham:

a. First Baptist Church
b. Pleasant Hill Winery
c. Old Baylor Park

church building close to Bluebonnet fields near Texas
girl reading books in Bluebonnet field near Texas



Ennis is located south of Dallas and is known as the “Official Bluebonnet City of Texas”. Ennis has the oldest trails of bluebonnets in Texas with over 40 miles of mapped driving Bluebonnet Trails.   Thousands of visitors come through the town of Ennis to see bluebonnets in spring. Pack your favorite picnic snacks, camera and hit the road to Ennis this year.

Best Spots to See Wildflowers in Ennis:

a. Ennis Bluebonnet Trails
b. Meadow View Nature Area
c. Bluebonnet Park



Austin is a great city to visit all year round and one of my favorite in Texas. If you drive along Highway 360, you will see tons of beautiful bluebonnets patches and other pretty wildflowers. Once bluebonnets start to pop up, the amazing sight of the Lake Austin and the rolling hills is something you don’t want to miss.

Best Spots to See Wildflowers in Austin:

a. Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
b. Pace Bend Park
c. St. Edwards University

girl sitting in Bluebonnet fields near Texas
girl sitting in Bluebonnet fields near Texas



The town of Georgetown is really known for red poppies and its famous red poppy festival. However, the town does have some great places to snap a sea of bluebonnets. The Wellspring United Methodist Church and Williams Drive heading towards Andice have really good bluebonnet displays. You can also enjoy the magnificent bluebonnets if you drive along Highway 130.

Best Spots to See Wildflowers in Georgetown:

a. Wellspring United Methodist Church
b. Williams Drive heading towards Andice
c. Old Settlers Park Lake


Marble Falls

Marble Falls is another place worth visiting. to see Bluebonnets in Texas. Turkey Bend Recreation Area in Marble Falls on Lake Travis is about 1 hour west of Austin. The park provides spectacular bluebonnet fields. Another great place in Marble Falls is the famous Bluebonnet House that provides a perfect backdrop for the bluebonnets photos.

Best Spots to See Wildflowers in Marble Falls:

a. Marble Falls
b. Turkey Bend Recreation Area
c. Bluebonnet House

girl walking through Bluebonnet fields near Texas
girl standing in Bluebonnet fields near Texas



The town of Fredericksburg is located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. The rolling hills, wineries, small-town feeling makes it a perfect weekend getaway. This little town is simply stunning during bluebonnet season. Wildseed Farms is one of the prettiest places to visit in Fredericksburg and maintains the most beautiful bluebonnet fields.

Best Spots to See Wildflowers in Fredericksburg:

a. Wildseed Farms
b. Willow City Loop
c. Fredericksburg town



The bluebonnets in Spicewood, especially around the famous Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area, looks like a scene out of a fairytale. You can find the bluebonnet fields along the south side of the Colorado River on western Lake Travis. It’s also a great place to have a picnic while taking in the beauty of the bluebonnets.

Best Spots to See Wildflowers in Spicewood:

a. Muleshoe Bend Recreational Area
b. Pace Bend Park
c. Bluebonnet Park

girl sitting in Bluebonnet fields near Texas
girl walking through Bluebonnet fields near Texas



Kingsland is not one of the topmost destinations that pop in my mind when it comes to seeing bluebonnets in Texas. However, over the last few years, it has received a lot of impressive reviews and has become one of the most popular destinations in the Texas Hill Country.

Best Spots to See Wildflowers in Kingsland:

a. Drive down Farm to Market Road 1431
b. Kingsland Train Tracks
c. Buchanan Dam Bridge



Burnet is one of the most exciting little towns that holds its own annual Bluebonnet Festival. You will find lots of bluebonnets trails in Burnet. Inks Lake State Park provides a number of different views of bluebonnets mixed with other wildflowers. Hwy 29 runs from Georgetown at I-35 through Burnet, Llano, and Mason and has some of the most beautiful bluebonnet fields.

Best Spots to See Wildflowers in Burnet:

a. Inks Lake State Park
b. Hoover Valley Baptist Church
c. Park Road 4 off of US Hwy 281

girl sitting in Bluebonnet fields near Texas
Milky way photos in Bluebonnet fields near Texas


Big Bend National Park

If you want to see early blooms of bluebonnets in Texas, then Big Bend National Park is a great place to visit around mid-March. The bluebonnets here are a different species and are taller than the ones that grow in the rest of Texas. Big Bend National Park is one of the National Parks that exceeded my expectations in every way. Check out my Big Bend National Park travel guide.

Best Spots to See Wildflowers in Big Bend:

a. Terlingua Ghost Town
b. Santa Elena Canyon
c. Alpine to Terlingua along Highway 118

Map to See Bluebonnets in Texas

Are you planning a trip see bluebonnets in Texas? I hope these tips are helpful. Let me know in the comments below. Happy Traveling!

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