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Masterpiece Frozen in Time
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Burg Eltz Castle – Most Revered Castle in Germany

Just one look and you will surely fall in love with the enchanting Burg Eltz castle. Burg Eltz castle is my personal favorite as it is one of the best-preserved castles in Germany, Europe. Unlike some of the other famous castles in Germany, you won’t see Burg Eltz castle set high up on the hill from miles away. This German fairytale castle is hidden deep into the forest in the Mosel Valley between Koblenz and Trier.
Burg Eltz castle has a fascinating history as it was never destroyed or taken, so it remains intact over centuries. The main purpose of the castle was to build a grand home for the nobility rather than a medieval fortress for defense. The interesting fact is that it is still privately owned by the same Eltz family for over 850 years. I don’t know about you, but I always like to know a little bit of history before I visit a place especially if it is a 12th-century castle.

“Burg Eltz castle is a masterpiece frozen in time; one of the most charming castles in all of Germany.”

How to Get There

Burg Eltz Castle is hidden deep in the forest however, it is pretty easy to get there. You can do a day trip to the castle from a number of popular cities close by such as Koblenz, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Heidelberg.
Eltz Castle Address: 56294 Wierschem, Germany

By Car: The most convenient way to get to the castle is by car. We were able to use google maps on our phone without any issues. Once you get close to the castle, you will also start seeing signs for the Burg Eltz castle.

By Bus: It is possible to go to Burg Eltz castle by bus from May to November on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays. You can catch the burgenbus 330 that runs four times a day from Treis-Karden to Eltz Castle stopping in Pyrmont Castle and Hatzenport. From the Hatzenport train station, you can either hike 3.3 miles (5.3 km) or hire a taxi.

Things to Know Before You Go

Burg Eltz castle is open daily April through November 9:30 am to 5:30 pm for castle tours. If you are planning to visit the castle during months other than April through November, you can still visit the castle; you just won’t be able to tour the castle from the inside. Eltz castle is surrounded by lush greenery and trails, so even if you can’t go inside the castle, it is still worth the visit.

I would suggest visiting before 10:30 am (that’s when the tour buses start arriving) or later in the evening after 3:30 pm, if you don’t want a bunch of people in your photos.

Hike or Bus Ride

If you are driving to the castle, then there is a €2 parking fee to park your vehicle in the parking lot. From the parking lot, you can either take a shuttle bus or walk to the castle.

Shuttle Bus:

The shuttle is €2 per person each way and will drop you right in front of the bridge entering the Eltz castle.

Hike to the Castle:

There is a paved road which the shuttle bus takes (800 meters, about a 10-minute walk) or a footpath by the lower car park through the forest (0.75 miles about a 15-minute walk).
If you have time and love to hike, I would suggest taking the footpath through the forest.

Burg Eltz Castle Guided Tour

There isn’t really a fee to visit Burg Eltz castle unless you are planning to take the guided tour to see the castle from the inside. The only way to visit the interior of the castle is to take a guided tour. The castle’s guided tour is available in English and German for €10.
You can purchase the ticket at the gift shop. The tour lasts approximately 45mins and runs every 10-15 mins. Many tours are conducted in German, but English, French and Dutch tours are also available. Be sure to check your tour timings and language when you arrive at the castle.



You can take as many photos as you want outside the castle and in the courtyard. However, photography is not allowed inside the castle.


No drones are allowed at Burg Eltz castle. You will find several no drone signs in both English and German.

Castle’s Restaurant & Gift Shop

There are two restaurants in the castle that serve food. So, after taking the castle tour, be sure to visit one of the restaurants and the gift shop.

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