Jack On The Rocks- Jack Daniel’S Distillery

I was neither a whiskey fan nor I ever paid close attention to the label on Jack Daniel’s bottle that said “Lynchburg, Tennessee”. One of our friends highly recommended that we should visit the distillery, so my husband and I decided to find out for ourselves what makes Jack Daniel’s the top-selling American whiskey in the world.

We drove from North Carolina and reached just in time to catch the last tour of the day; thanks to the time zone difference, we gained an extra hour when we reached Tennessee.

To me, sometimes tours can be boring; however, unlike most distillery tours, Jack Daniel’s tour was very interesting and entertaining. You get a firsthand look at the distillery accompanied by the tour guide and hear interesting stories about Mr. Jack as well. We were surprised to find out that the distillery attracted 300,000 visitors a year, and whiskey that is sold all around the globe is made in a tiny little town of Lynchburg.

The distillery tour began with a bus ride up to warehouses and from there, it was all on foot. Tour took close to an hour. Our tour guide told us an interesting story about how Jack bought this company from a Lutheran minister for only $25. After visiting some of the warehouses where whiskey is aged in barrels, we visited the rickyard where maple wood is burnt to make charcoal. That’s when we learnt why Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey is different from other whiskeys and bourbons is because it is passed through charcoal during filtration process.

The tour became more interesting as we made our next stop at the natural cave spring. So, if you have had Jack Daniel’s whiskey, it means you have had a sip from the natural spring. We then embarked our way to the production area where we saw the fermentation, distillation and filtration process.

After the production area, we visited what is called the single barrel select room. Basically, you can order a barrel of single select whiskey and you will get a plaque on the wall with your name on it in the single barrel select room. With each barrel you order, you get a star added to your plaque on the wall.

The tasting was at the end of the tour and as they say, “save the best for last”. At tasting, you get to taste all of Jack Daniel’s core products and learn how to properly drink and appreciate the whiskey.

Trust me, at the end of the tour, you will definitely be fan of Jack and appreciate the love and care that goes into each bottle. It is a fascinating place and even if you are not a whiskey fan yet, visiting the distillery is a must and highly recommended.


There are two hours available at the distillery. The traditional walking tour is just over an hour, the tasting tour takes close to two hours. Anyone can attend the free tour including the children, but the tasting tour is only for 21 or older.

Tour Hours:

The tour hours are from 9:30- 4:30pm and are based on first-come first-served basis. Please call the distillery for updated hours before visiting.

Ticket Prices:

We paid $22 for the tasting tour. Please call the distillery or visit the website for more current ticket prices.

Tips and Advice:

You have to be 21 or older to go for the tasting tour
Don’t forget to take your I.D.
There is plenty of parking available
Tickets can be purchased in the lobby
The tours involve walking and outdoors; therefore dress appropriately.
Usually, weekdays shouldn’t be very busy, but peak can occur during weekends and major holidays.
Wait time between tour can vary depending on how busy it is, but don’t worry, there are plenty of things to keep you occupied before the tour starts.
Photography is allowed everywhere except for the production area

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