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Must-have for your Next Trip !
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It’s all about Straw Basket Handbags!

Straw basket handbags once have been an accessory for the beach or market only, but in the past few years, fashion has taken it into every arena. It is definitely a hot trend at the seaside and in the city. I’ve been obsessed with this trend and have been taking straw basket handbags to all my recent travels. With so many designs, I don’t see a sign where this trend is fading away any time soon.

Straw basket handbags are usually quite roomy, practical and extremely versatile. They are beautiful works of art that are handmade with great artistry. If you look at history, basket weaving goes back as early as ancient Egypt. Well, in today’s world, from celebrities to fashionistas to designers; the trendy straw basket handbags are everywhere.

“In my opinion, straw basket handbags are more than fashion pieces!”

Must have for your next Trip!

Whether you are strolling around cobbled streets of Europe or soaking up some sun on a Bali beach; you will absolutely love the straw basket handbags and here’s why…


These straw bags are sturdy and super light and fit a lot without adding much extra weight.


These bags come in many varieties like wicket, straw, rattan and beautiful bamboo that makes them very sturdy.


These straw bags pair easily with any outfit. They are practical & stylish to go from beach to brunch effortlessly.

Here are some of the Best

Straw Basket Handbags for Beach & Beyond!



Tote Handbags

Looking for a fashion-forward look for your next trip? Then, you might want to consider adding a chic tote to your travel wardrobe. In the last few years, given their popularity, there are countless beautiful patterns available for the classic totes.

“Pair with a dramatic dress and sandals for a perfect vacation look.”


Basket Handbags

You will love how straw basket handbags seamlessly transitions from sandy beaches to city nightlife, which makes it perfect for travel. The boxy shape handbags are as ladylike as a straw bag gets, and can easily be paired with most dresses for day or night.


Pom Poms Handbags

The versatile pom poms handbags look as chic paired with a dress as it does pair down with any outfit. The oversized pom poms on the bag give off a fun, carefree vibe. You can easily pair it with a floaty dress for a boho look.

“These bags will add an ultra-chic style to your travel wardrobe.”

Check out my Straw Basket Handbags inspirations!

“You’ll love how straw basket handbags seamlessly transition from sandy beaches to city nightlife, which makes it perfect for travel.”

I hope these tips are helpful. Let me know in the comments below. Happy Traveling!

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