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I’ve always believed in “doing what you love” because, at the end of the day, our happiness is our most precious possession. I wanted to create a platform that would not only keep me motivated but would help others along the way. So, I started All Things Beautiful blog as a hub for people like me to unplug from the everyday chaos and be inspired to travel and live a more adventurous life.

“Travel the World,

Discover your Style,

Follow your Dreams,

Get Inspired!”

Sarah G Pandey

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Why Your Travel Wardrobe Needs Comfy Jumpsuit

Why your travel wardrobe needs Comfy Jumpsuit I often fall into the mindset of thinking that a dress is the only option. However, a sleek and well-tailored comfy jumpsuit can earn you some serious style points when traveling. I know thinking about which outfits to...

How to Score Best Hotel Deals! Top 8 Guaranteed Ways

How to Score Best Hotel Deals Accommodation is one of the biggest expense of traveling and lowering that by finding the best hotel deals can help you save money for other activities. Staying at a nice hotel doesn’t mean you have to break a bank. Here are a few tips...

Travel Planning & Research

Want to know how I travel? I have put together the travel resources page with tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years. Learn how to find the best prices on flights, car rental, hotels and more.

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