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I’ve always believed in “doing what you love” because, at the end of the day, our happiness is our most precious possession. I wanted to create a platform that would not only keep me motivated but would help others along the way. So, I started All Things Beautiful blog as a hub for people like me to unplug from the everyday chaos and be inspired to travel and live a more adventurous life.

“Travel the World,

Discover your Style,

Follow your Dreams,

Get Inspired!”

Sarah G Pandey

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Seljavallalaug Pool – Hidden Gem in Iceland

Seljavallalaug Pool – Hidden Gem in Iceland

Seljavallalaug Pool in Iceland There is no place better to enjoy a bath than in Seljavallalaug pool; a hidden geothermal swimming pool nestled in a secluded valley with breathtaking mountain views. There are a few hidden gems in Iceland that are only known to a few...

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Want to know how I travel? I have put together the travel resources page with tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years. Learn how to find the best prices on flights, car rental, hotels and more.

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